Commission a Portrait of a Family Member, Pet, or Favorite Doughnut!

Claire Johnson, Joey Bates, Jordan Grace Owens, Chris Crites

As a portrait artist that has commissioned artwork by other artists, I can say that it’s extremely rewarding on both ends

Here I’m featuring a range of Seattle artists, plus one from North Carolina, that offer commissioned pieces. These are artists that I have either commissioned to make paintings for me or whose personal creative work I have in my collection (or both!), and I love their work and can attest to their professionalism.

Joey Bates

I have a group of 4 beautiful figure drawings by Joey. I’ve only met one of the people represented, and I don’t know the other three, but that doesn’t keep me from connecting to the sensitively rendered figures gazing directly at me.

Joey accepts commission drawings or cut paper portraits, and he is wonderful to work with. Keep an eye out for him during the Seattle Art Fair July 30 – August 2, in “Out Of Sight: A survey of contemporary art in the pacific northwest,” curated by Kirsten Anderson, Sharon Arnold, Greg Lundgren and Sierra Stinson.

My portrait work explores the nuances of facial expressions and the multiple interpretations that can arise from that language. I am fascinated by the way people use expressions to communicate and read one another. The lines I draw in the body are a result of dissecting the figure, measuring the shapes, shadows, and colors of the face, and then reassembling the components. I work from photographs of people I know or get to know during the process of making the work, which helps capture more than just a representation. I strive to not only create an accurate interpretation of my subject, but also to imbue each piece with a presence beyond the portrayal and materials used.

Chris Crites

Don’t let Chris’s impressive volume of paintings of convicts intimidate you. You can also commission his extremely talented hand and unique eye for color to paint your spouse, your cat, or even a public figure you admire. Chris is an incredibility talented and driven artist and his work is getting more and more in demand, so act fast while he’s still accepting commissioned work! He’s represented by Jack Fischer Gallery in San Francisco and G. Gibson Gallery in Seattle.

My Chris Crites painting portrays an atomic explosion. My reminder of beauty, even in our follies.

Claire Johnson

Claire is an amazing painter. The best in Seattle, in my opinion, which is why I’ve included her in the list, though she’s currently focusing on landscape paintings. Two commissions by Claire have come into my hands: one was a beautiful and delicious painting given to me as a gift (thank you Demi!) of a 24″ x 24″ jelly doughnut, and the other was a group of life-sized mini powdered sugar doughnuts I commissioned for my sister (we have similar taste). If you or a loved one have a sweet tooth, I highly recommend contacting her for a doughnut painting. She also does beautiful paintings of trees, people, fire, mountains and aerial landscapes. In addition to my doughnut, I also have a figure painting and a fantastic fire landscape painting to further remind me, “Damn! that girl can paint!”

Claire also has artwork in “Out Of Sight: A survey of contemporary art in the pacific northwest”, July 30 – August 2 and is a member of SOIL artist collective in Seattle.

Jordan Grace Owens

The only artist on my list that I don’t know personally, she was a huge hit with my family last year when I gave my mom two paper dolls for Christmas that feature my mom and step-dad. I laugh every time I look at them. Jordan captured both of them so perfectly, and she was great to work with. Her schedule is usually booked out at least three months in advance, so don’t delay!

Double-Sided (secret!) Portrait Paintings

Double-Sided oil painting, adult and child Rebecca Luncan

Sasha, as Adult and Child
oil on rotating aluminum panels
6.75″ x 5.5″ x 3.5″ (framed)

A wedding and 75th birthday (the two events happened just a day apart!) were marked by the gift of these two paintings.

Bill delivered them into the hands of his new husband whose daughters are featured in these double-sided portraits: two beautiful sisters, painted in turn as cute little girls and then as lovely, happy adults. I was very impressed at how Bill was able to keep the commission secret from the whole family as he scoured every nook and cranny to find the perfect images. He found the ones from when they were kids hiding in a box in the garage.

A gallery is in the works of more interactive double-sided paintings for the website. I love the endless possibilities and have made many variations on this theme. Keep an eye out for it in the next few weeks. Until then, you’re welcome to take a look at my gallery of portrait commissions, which includes both traditional one-sided and multi-sided works.

My heartfelt congratulations to the newly-wedded couple and their family! It was a pleasure and an honor to paint your daughters.

Double-Sided oil painting, adult and child Rebecca Luncan

Colby, as Adult and Child
oil on rotating aluminum panels
6.75″ x 5.5″ x 3.5″ (framed)


Bride of Frankenstein Painting Complete – She’s Alive!!

Mismatched Portrait (Bride of Frankenstien) Oil Painting by Rebecca Luncan

Mismatched Portrait (Bride of Frankenstien) Oil on aluminum, 4″ x 6″

An unusual portrait commission, but I would expect nothing less from the best college roommate a gal could have.

A portrait commission of Elsa Lanchester in her brief but iconic role in the 1935 version of  The Bride of Frankenstein is finished! The painting started out as almost entirely monochromatic in the style of my Mismatched Portraits, with a predominate indigo pallet but I added just a touch of dark maroon. When almost finished, I began adding bright cadmium red in the darkest blacks. I love adding straight cadmium red in very small brushstrokes. It’s a thrill to me that a color that intense can become rather subtle. It’s like a secret.

Thank you for the commission, Jennifer! I hope you like it! It was so nice to make it just for you.


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