A portrait commission is a gratifying experience for artist and patron alike

Once you’ve taken a look over the information below, your next step is easy; Contact Rebecca to discuss the subject, the specifics of the work, or a timeline for completion with no commitment. After the details are established, a meeting will be arranged and a contract will be drafted to ensure expectations are clear to both parties.

Portraits are completed from photographs, ideally taken by the artist but she can often use ones you provide. Rebecca works in the greater Seattle area, if you’re elsewhere, contact her: arrangements can usually be made. In one or two sessions of about an hour, Rebecca will get to know the subject, make some sketches and take photos. A special photograph you already have can be a great starting point, or even the primary reference in special circumstances; high-quality images make for the best possible portraits.

After the contract is signed and the preliminary design is approved, Rebecca will begin your painting approximately two months before the due date. Then it’s time to watch your painting develop on the artist’s Blog.


oil painting miniature of little girl at the beach by Rebecca Luncan

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Horse pet portrait oil painting by Seattle artist Rebecca Luncan

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Rebecca’s schedule is kept up to date as the Upcoming Commissions section on the Blog. Once a contract is signed, your name will be added to the list. She is currently booked out approximately 8 months and commissions typically require 1 – 2 months to complete. If a portrait is needed in time for a special occasion – a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or holiday for example – that can often be accommodated. If you have a very short deadline, a gift voucher is also a great option and it can either be mailed or emailed for you to print. Contact Rebecca with any scheduling concerns or questions.

Pricing Guide

Size Single Figure Single Pet
 3” x 3” and smaller $450 $300
5” x 5” $775 $575
10” x 10” $1650 $975
16″ x 16″ $2700 $1700
20” x 24” $3950 $2500
24” x 36” $5100 $3250
36” x 48” $7200 $4400
additional pet add 20% add 30%
additional figure add 50%

These prices are approximate and do not include frames. Please contact the studio for an estimate which will include optional custom framing.

*Double-Sided Paintings start at $1200 (including frame). Contact the artist for an estimate.


Commissions are typically broken up into either two or three payments. This will be outlined in the contract and once the contract is approved, the artist will submit an invoice for the first payment (of either 1/3 or 1/2 as negotiated). Your place in the schedule is not finalized until the deposit is received.

Payments are happily accepted in the form of Paypal, credit card, check, and money order.