Celebrate your loved ones with a unique work of art. Commissioned portraits are painted to last generations, using archival oil paints on metal. Portraits are painted from one or more photos and rendered in a realistic style. Portraits start at $425 for miniatures. Please contact Rebecca with commission inquiries.

Painting from Photographs

Rebecca paints using photographs for reference and inspiration, yet most portraits draw on several sources. Collecting a few of your favorite shots of the subject is a great way to start the conversation, even when one image in particular stands out for its special meaning. In addition to being handy as references, your photos help Rebecca see the subject through your eyes and ultimately paint a more meaningful portrait.

Photos for Portraits of People
For portraits of people, it often works best to do a photo shoot. Rebecca will meet you to take photos, which usually takes one to two hours. Proper lighting, angle and composition are critical for a good rendering of the human face.
Photos for Pet Portraits
You know your pet best, so it usually makes sense for you to take your own photos. Please share your favorite pet photos, and Rebecca will happily offer advice on taking the ideal portrait reference. If you’re local to the Seattle area, Rebecca is also available to take photos.
Photos of Special Moments
Sometimes a snapshot is all that is left of a cherished memory, and a commissioned painting can be a great way to give that moment new life.

Just get in touch with Rebecca to get started!

Give a Portrait as a Gift

Portraits make wonderful gifts! They can be intimate, celebratory, or playful, depending on what you want your gift to say. Receiving a portrait is a powerful experience, and the portrait itself only becomes more meaningful with time.

Gift Certificates

Portrait gift certificates make a flexible and unique gift. They make a great gift on short notice, with the option of involving the recipient in the process. Details of the portrait do not need to be worked out ahead of time, and the price can be kept secret as you prefer.

Prices and Payment

Pricing Guide (Without Framing)

Size Single Figure Single Pet
 4” x 4” and smaller $625 $425
 8” x 8” $1250 $850
12” x 12” $2000 $1300
16″ x 20″ $3100 $2000
20” x 24” $3950 $2500
24” x 36” $5100 $3250
36” x 48” $7200 $4400


Prices vary depending on the details of the work. Multiple figures and complex backgrounds increase the price. In general, additional pets add 20%, and an additional human figure adds 50%.

Payment Schedule

The price is broken into two or three equal payments. The first payment reserves your place on the calendar, and the last payment is due when the artwork is ready.

Short Notice

Commissions may be possible on short notice at Rebecca’s discretion. If you need a portrait for a particular date, please ask.

If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca in the studio!