The Nashville area has become a special place for me. Two of my sisters and my adorable nephew and niece are there, so it’s become a go-to spots for family travel. And just outside Nashville, I have discovered the wondrous Holly Belle on Instagram. Even if you didn’t grow up with a dad that brought home a baby cow in the back of the station wagon (true story!), Holly’s “puppy cow” jumping around in the dining room of her house is sure to make you happy. Her mini cows have inspired my paintings and drawings in the recent past, and I have three paintings of cows started, shown above in various states of completion.

Now I want your opinion—since I received official word that I will be included in a group exhibition at  Arcadia Gallery in Los Angeles, I think at least one of these cow paintings will be included in my submission. I have a lot of work ahead of me and want to focus on the best prospects, so do you have any favorites so far?

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