Mismatched Portrait (Bride of Frankenstien) Oil Painting by Rebecca Luncan

Mismatched Portrait (Bride of Frankenstien) Oil on aluminum, 4″ x 6″

An unusual portrait commission, but I would expect nothing less from the best college roommate a gal could have.

A portrait commission of Elsa Lanchester in her brief but iconic role in the 1935 version of  The Bride of Frankenstein is finished! The painting started out as almost entirely monochromatic in the style of my Mismatched Portraits, with a predominate indigo pallet but I added just a touch of dark maroon. When almost finished, I began adding bright cadmium red in the darkest blacks. I love adding straight cadmium red in very small brushstrokes. It’s a thrill to me that a color that intense can become rather subtle. It’s like a secret.

Thank you for the commission, Jennifer! I hope you like it! It was so nice to make it just for you.


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