Giving a pet portrait gift is surprisingly versatile, both for the occasion and for the type of recipient. Commission gifts fill fill about half of my commission schedule and they’ve been presented for anniversaries, Christmas presents, Valentine’s day gifts, birthday presents, graduation gifts, and retirement presents. I’ve made them as for gifts for spouses, siblings, parents, children and coworkers. It’s hard to go wrong when presenting a carefully composed portrait of someones special creature (furry, feathery and human variety).

From her to him, then from him to her!

This pair of portraits were completed over a year apart. Rachel contacted me seeking a portrait for her fiancé’s birthday of their dog Jefferson. He must have enjoyed receiving the painting, because soon after receiving it, Donte contacted me secretly to make one of Franklin, the newest addition to their family, for her. He gave her the painting for their anniversary. From her to him, then from him to her. Isn’t that just the sweetest?