Polyphemus moth over nashi fruit still life oil painting by Rebecca Luncan

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Polyphemus over Nashi


oil on aluminum

12″ x 16″

16.5″ x 20.5″ framed size

polyphemus moth in progress oil painitng by Rebecca Luncan

About the Painting

I make still-life paintings in the Dutch Still-Life tradition. Still-life paintings from Northern Europe were at their prime from around 1600 – 1800 and they often feature blossoms, insects and food that could not be found out of hibernation or in season at the same time. They are constructs of seasonal impossibility, pieced together from earlier studies, signifying impermanence and the perception that earthly life is transitory. 

I enjoy doing the opposite however. This painting pays homage to Northern European still life, while also contrasting modern and past experiences. Expectations have changed; perennial availability is the norm now, and seasonality is hardly acknowledged. When this painting was made I plucked the asian pears (also known as Nashi) and raspberries from my little garden and used photos and preserved models of insects that I’ve seen in my yard during the same time of year. I combined fruit and insects that occur together naturally, in appreciation of the beauty of the cyclical and ephemeral.

still life painting in progress asian pear (nashi) by Rebecca Luncan

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