Horse portrait Painting commission.

Shiloh, oil on aluminum, 18″ x 12.5″

This painting of Shiro marks several firsts for me. The subject of my first blog post, the first painting completed this year, and the first painting I ever made of a horse.

The Portrait of Shiloh is finished, complete with a coat of varnish and frame. I love painting animals, and though we had five horses when I was a kid, this is my first painting of a horse. He is all ready to ship out 2,000 miles away to Ohio. I’ll miss having those sweet eyes in the studio!

Thank you, Lisa for having confidence in my abilities to capture your very special friend!

Go to the pet portraits gallery to see more examples.


4 thoughts on “My First Commissioned Horse Portrait Painting

  1. I can just imagine how soft his nose would feel, it’s amazing. I just want to pet him! I miss having a horse , after seeing this.

  2. That is amazingly stunningly elegantly beautiful! Somehow you’ve magically captured the personality as well as the likeness –

  3. It’s him – without a doubt – Rebecca you captured him perfectly. His eyes are as sweet in real life as you captured them in this painting. He is a treasured friend life that has taught me so much.

    Rebecca, Thank you for sharing your talent with me in this painting, it is so special.

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