My new Gallery of Interactive Paintings is up Featuring Animated Images

interactive oil painting of gypsy by Rebecca LuncanPainting on metal has many advantages and allowing me to make sculptural paintings is definitely one of them.

The interactive painting series was an especially exciting revelation for me. In my early years of art school, I was undecided between sculpture and painting and took several sculpture classes. Though I did enjoy sculpting, it became clear early on that painting was my true passion. I love how these paintings combine my love of painting with a playful sculptural element that has always intrigued me. They are difficult to make since everything has to be perfectly aligned, all of the frames are custom made, and I have to epoxy finished paintings together (very stressful!). I must love making them, though! I’ve made over 40 of these pieces over the years and I’m still making them as commissioned pieces.

The gallery features a sampling of these paintings and for those of you that haven’t had a chance to play with these paintings in person, many of the images are animated to help clarify how these paintings work. I hope you’ll take a look!!