Dutch ripple frame Still life French Pear Tart and steller Jay oil painting by Rebecca Luncan

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French Pear Tart


oil on copper

5″ x 5″

8 5/8″ x 8 5/8″ framed size

Shipping included in the US and Canada. Reduced shipping everywhere else.

Professinally framed with hand-made Dutch ripple frame

About the painting…

Each paitning in my Monthly Miniature series has elements that are carefully chosen to reflect the time in which it was paitned. This painting was completed in the month of August and for me, August means pears.

My mom gave me my pear tree 12 years ago, and it’s beginning to produce a ton of fruit. Since our cherry tree came down, the pear is the new favorite for the birds. Our resident Steller’s Jays like to nip at the fruit on the top of the tree, so it felt perfectly natural to invite this Jay to the French Tart party.

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