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Midwestern Summer Night

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oil on aluminum

5″ x 5″

8 5/8″ x 8 5/8″ framed size

Professinally framed with hand-made Dutch ripple frame

Still life painting of chocolate ice cream cone at night with lightning bugs by Rebecca Luncan

about the painting…

We spent the first week of July visiting my family after a long COVID separation. For the first time, my son and husband experienced lightning bugs, something this Ohio-raised gal has missed since moving to Washington. Sharing that magical part of my childhood with my boys meant so much to me.

I was already working on a daytime version of and ice cream (my five year old’s favorite “food”) but this nightime version was growing in my mind. The concept for the painting began to evolve as I watched them chase flashes around in the dusk and the result is a combination of midwestern summer, childhood magic and love.

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